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Les Rôtisseries PIRI PIRI Franchises is a Proud Member of the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA), and le Conseil Québécois de la Franchise (CQF).

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The Canadian Franchise Association is a national, not-for-profit association of more than 700 corporate members representing over 40,000 franchise business owners. They are the voice of the franchise community and the recognized authority on franchising in Canada. They speak for a business sector that represents every industry and touches the lives of every Canadian, in every community across the country.

Canadian franchises contribute over $100 Billion per year to the Canadian economy and create jobs for over 1.9 Million Canadians. Canadian franchises enable over 76,000 hardworking Canadians to be their own boss as the owner of their own small business, serving their neighbours in communities from coast to coast.

Franchising is ultimately about people. It is about everyday Canadians working in partnership, sharing success, and Growing Together™. At CFA, They serve people in the Canadian franchise community by providing support, learning resources, and growth opportunities.

CFA members represent a diverse cross-section of businesses and over 50 industries in Canada. Members range from very large, established franchise systems to smaller or emerging franchise brands. Members share the conviction that their commitment to excellence improves franchising as a whole for everyone involved, including franchisors, franchisees, suppliers, and customers.

The Conseil Québécois de la Franchise brings together franchisors, franchisees, as well as suppliers to the franchise industry in Quebec. With more than 8,000 franchisees and more than 460 franchisors within it, this business sector is one of the most dynamic and tirelessly contributes to job creation in the province.

The Conseil Québécois de la Franchise is the credible and recognized spokesperson for franchising in Quebec. By being the rallying point for all franchisors and franchisees, as well as their foreign business partners, the CQF is the main driving force behind franchising in Quebec, as well as one of the major players in this business model. within the Francophonie.

The Conseil Québécois de la franchise deploys all its resources and energies to promote and supervise franchising as a successful business model.

The Board shares, through various activities, its expertise and knowledge with franchisors, franchisees, and their business partners. This process is part of the objective of developing their skills and granting future franchisors and franchisees all the assistance necessary for the establishment and development of this formula.

CQF is the official representative of franchising with the federal and provincial governments, municipal administrations, public and parapublic organizations. media and the general public.

Les Rotisseries PIRI PIRI Franchise and as a member of the CFA & CQF,
has acknowledged, agreed and signed on the Codes of Ethics of both the CFA & CQF.

The CQF offers Quebec franchisors the opportunity to adhere to a code of ethics.
This code is part of the CQF’s desire to encourage and promote ethics in the field of franchising in Quebec.

The main axes of the Code of Ethics can be summarized as follows: Comply with the laws in force, promote the disclosure of information prior to the signing of a franchise agreement, promote communication, transparency and the settlement of disputes within amicable agreement between franchisors and franchisees, promote professional, financial, legal and business consultations, promote the selection of franchisees with the required characteristics and safeguard the public interest.

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